Week 23 – My Journey

As this MKMMA winds down, I have been reflecting on the journey I have taken with it.  I almost quit at one point and was talked out of it by my awesome guide.  I am glad I stayed with it because it was a very interesting and fruitful rite of passage.  I am not the same person I was when the program started.  I feel much different.  I act much different.

I just glanced at my Franklin Makeover Check sheet and recalled that Steven Covey had a technique he called “Sharpening the Saw”.  It was intended to keep your skills in perfect condition.  I think of the Franklin Makeover and see it as the same thing. An appropriate technique for keeping our personal “skills” at peak performance throughout life.

Being vigilant and aware of what is going on around us is so important and really is the predecessor of the whole notion of R2A2.  I always felt that I was aware, but now I am so much more aware because now I am vigilant and a more astute observer.

I think I dropped a lot of baggage during the journey, but I didn’t need it.  Now I feel less burdened and lighter and brighter. I have more confidence in my own thinking, decisions, and actions. I think I have learned the lessons I was here to learn and can move ahead on my own, being of service in a better way.


Week 22A – Have a Happy Day

I just got up early as I usually do, to go through my MKMMA morning routine. As I read my service card I realized that it was Saturday morning and I had not written my blog for the week. I guess I am living by the compass because the day of the week is not important to me. Our business is cyclical and right now is the peak of a seven-month cycle, which runs until May 1st. It’s crazy and many weeks we have no days off.  The other five months of the year are pretty much a breeze.

Why am I telling you this? Because mastering emotions is critical to me and my success in business. I find the current scroll in the GS really hits home for me. My moods and those of my clients dictate my level of happiness every day.  Being able to control my emotions makes dealing with my client’s emotions much easier. Particularly under the stress of working seven days a week.

Have a happy day.

Week 22 – Finding your gift

Today I was thinking about following your bliss.  Thinking about the meaning of life being to find your gift.  Thinking about the purpose of life being to give your gift away.

I am thinking that it’s possible to have more than one gift. That you dispense your gift for a period, while your next gift is germinating.  Then when it blooms, you make a switch to dispensing that gift.

Life seems full of cycles but never the less is constantly changing. It is really beyond our control.  We are subjected to new things all the time.  We decide if we like them or not and make our choices.  It is all very autonomic most of the time but often things come to our conscious attention and we get an attack of emotion. In my mind, the emotion is telling me to pay attention and get conscious because this is a non-trivial situation.  I think that’s what happens when it’s time to cease dispensing one gift and move on to the other. The emotion shakes us and we make the decision to expand.

All that is, constantly expands. Since we are part of all that is, we must expand as well. We can’t expect anything else.

WEEK 21 – Creating Happiness

Today I am grateful for many things.  I am especially grateful that I have increased my ability to recognize good things that are happening all around me. It’s a skill I have learned to hone through my participation in this program. It has had a tremendously positive impact for me. It feels good to be able to read the paper and not get upset. I feel like it’s all about reading in between the lines. I often ask myself what it is like to be wearing someone else’s shoes and guessing what good is coming to them or others based on the behavior I am reading about. It’s like finding the silver lining in a cloud. Sometimes I don’t get an immediate indication of the positive side to someone’s behavior, but I then come up with a lesson they might learn from the situation. I then hope they can eventually turn it into a positive experience and let it go.  I walk from my newspaper reading feeling good.  I like being happy.

Some time ago I learned that my life is about me being happy. I embarked on a path to reconcile that idea with all the other training I had received. It has not been an easy path to follow, but I’m still on it. I now realize that one of the things I had taught myself to do was change the way I look at things and those things would somehow look different and better to me. Now BAM! This program advocates that same thinking. I am so pleased I had come to that conclusion earlier in life. So now I am getting a shot of revitalizing thought medicine just in time to deal with the new wave of turmoil in the world.  How cool is that?

So today I am thinking that “I am the creator of my own experience” and that I will continue to create continually improving experiences of happiness for the rest of my days. Creating is fun.

Week 20 – Spirit is the Image and Likeness

Hello world.  You tried to knock me down this week.  You were sly about it, but I have your number. I stumbled a little but I got my balance back and moved ahead despite you’re your nuisance roadblocks.

Seriously, my friends, it seemed like everything I tried to do this week had a block in front of it.  I must have attracted all this stuff but I don’t have a clue how I did it.  Anyway, to say I had to put in a lot of extra effort this week sounds like whining, but “just saying”. It’s been a long challenging week but the Hero’s Journey continues.

So, I have been reading the Scroll this week and realizing that I was uncomfortable with the choice of words in some cases.  I know we are supposed to be without opinions but my self-talk opinion was driving me nuts.  I resorted to changing some of the words and I feel much better. The message is the same and I am happier that I am not irritating myself three times a day.

The exercise with this week’s Master Key lesson has brought me some interesting insights. Here is one I found fascinating. As Spirit, we are occupying our bodies in order to facilitate creating in the earthly environment. The appearance of our bodies allows for the easy identification of our uniqueness, and our carriage or body language serves to signal traits of our personality and gives insight to other humans so that they can communicate with us appropriately. (I thought about genetic twins and immediately realized that identical appearance is modified by carriage to define uniqueness). It’s interesting how we frequently overlook something like body language.  This brought to mind the problem of not being able to see the forest for the trees or that a forest is full of unique trees but never the less, still trees, all part of the forest. Spirit is the image and likeness, not the body, it’s just a tool built for the job.

Perhaps one day we will meet kindred spirits from another world, who look different. Won’t that drive the point home?

WEEK 19 – Habits and Self-control

This week I am working on self-control as part of the makeover.  I always thought I had quite a bit of self-control.  Now that I am looking for examples of it, I am seeing that I don’t have quite as much as I thought but I’m not bad.  As my observations continued, I am starting to wonder how habits play into the self-control.  Are habits a demonstration of control or lack of control or something altogether different?  It seems developing a new habit requires self-control.  Once a new habit is in place there is no longer a need for the self-control because it is now a habit.

Sometimes thinking brings on stress.  Continuing the line of thinking about habits, there are good and bad habits.  Do bad habits imply a lack of self-control? How does a bad habit develop?  Is it a lack of self-control?  Is it self-indulgence? Perhaps it developed through conditioning, perhaps there was no conscious thought given to the development of the habit. Wow, all this thinking is getting exciting but is there a point to it?

I need to cut this short.  I have decided that self-control is a learned skill which people make conscious decisions to engage at appropriate times.  E.g. I decide I am going to read my DMP three times a day.  To make it a habit, I turn on my self-control, and it stays on until the habit is in place.  I’m comfortable with that understanding because I always put my left sock on first.  It’s a habit but I don’t know where it comes from.  I have no recollection.  It seems to be a neutral habit but a habit none the less.

OK I’m finished with that subject.

I also just realized I’m hungry.  I’m going to stop blogging now and take care of that really important craving.  WAIT, don’t tell me I need more self-control. Eating at an appropriate time is another exhibition of self-control applied to a different priority.  😊

WEEK 19 – What week is it, really?

As is often the case with me, things get busy, and I lose track of time, and I lose track of my priorities, and I lose track other things both trivial and important, BUT I never seem to lose track of the car keys.  Amazing! I don’t think I have ever lost track of the car keys.

So, I am sitting a bit and getting off focus because of all the stuff I have going on. I have lost my level of relaxation, and then my concentration and I’m not sure why, because it doesn’t happen often.  I can’t seem to return to my intended focus, and suddenly it occurs to me that I have never lost my car keys, or even misplaced them. I always know exactly where they are. That fact seems very odd to me.  I’m pretty old, and there has been a lot of time for that to happen. What is it that I have done that results in my managing the location of car keys in a fashion like an autonomic function.

Now I try to focus on this question in my sit, thinking perhaps a change of topic might re-engage my concentration and reveal to me the answer to this curious question. I intend to receive insight and instead I am reminded that I haven’t completed my service card item for last week. (Technical difficulties have gotten in the way. Today I hired someone to do it for me tomorrow). OK, that problem is solved, but I need to get back to the car key situation.

I bring my thoughts back to the keys and try to relax into it. Oh no! Speaking of cars, I have forgotten I am taking the car in for maintenance tomorrow.  Back to autonomic car key management.  My eyes are closed, and I am swaying a little in my chair.  DIG A LING … the alarm goes off and sitting time needs to be over. I instantly tighten up.  I don’t like it when I fail to get things done.  It seems I have wasted an entire sit.

So, I take a couple of deep breaths and calm down, and a smile crosses my lips. How can I be angry when I’m Nature’s greatest miracle and living like it’s the last day of my life?  The smile then morphs into a major grin.

Exit stage left.